The toolbox

This toolbox contains several activities that have been tried and tested by professionals and experts. They are all based on the scientific framework mentioned in this document (lien vers key concepts).

They are organized around 3 main steps of the training of the young people

The proposed activities play a fundamental role in the participation of young people and experience-based learning. They require individual creativity and group work. The activities target a very wide audience and most of them can be run for groups of young people from 12-15 years old. They last from forty-minutes to a whole day, some weeks for a few of them, which enables each trainer to select their activities and build their own programme based on the time they have available.

Most of them have been tested on international groups of young people, with very good results. In similar situation, the cultural diversity of young people and the wide-ranging history and uses of rural heritage can be highlighted. It also accentuates the benefit of sharing and the non-formal, participatory learning approach proposed by YCARHe.

You will find details on the following aspects for each of these activity sheets:

  • the theme and learning goals, give you an immediate overview of the activity’s main advantages. These aspects will help you select the useful activities for your youth group based on its level of knowledge and in line with your specific targets.
  • the activity type and target audience age will tell you if the activity corresponds to your group of learners. However, the proposed age groups are advisory only and most YCARHe activities can be easily adapted to all audiences;
  • a step-by-step description indicates how to run the activity, from organising the group to anticipated outputs and/or a feedback session;
  • the type of space, materials and time required to properly deliver the activity will help your preparations for all the practical aspects;
  • finally, one or more references, or a contact person from the YCARHe organisation with sound experience of delivering the activity, gives you with the opportunity to find out more, or request additional information.